Black Sands

Happy Thursday! I mentioned last week about trying to get back into blogging and sharing with you all, just what it was that we got up to while we were away and have decided to do this like a kind of “Throw-back Thursday” type deal… so maybe a little slowly to begin with but I’m sure we will pick up steam soon. But for now keep your eyes peeled on a Thursday.

Back to New Zealand… and in particular the beaches of New Plymouth. Whilst staying with my aunt and uncle, Jack and I got into a bit of a routine of going down to one of the three beaches every day to go swim in the ocean, which I loved! The beaches of New Plymouth were unlike any I had ever been to before, the sand is black. It took some getting used to, but soon I loved it, especially how it looked against the bright blue of the sky and sea. But my gosh it was SO hot from the sun – a lot of quick stepping from the towels to the sea!!

A few more photos for you this week – think I’m getting the hang of things again. Next week will be the last of New Plymouth, so look out for that… some pictures of a very cool bridge to look forward to. Enjoy the rest of your week!


New Plymouth, NZ


Hello! It seems like forever since I have written anything for this blog… but with faithful followers still asking when they will hear about what the heck we did with the rest of the time we were away and some new people just discovering my little space I thought I really should try and get everyone caught up with our travels. So here goes…

Last February our visas for Australia came to an end and so we packed our bags and headed off to the next stop we had planned. Luckily we didn’t have to go far, we hopped across to the north island of New Zealand to visit my aunt and uncle who live in New Plymouth. It was so nice to see family again after being away from home for a year and we really enjoyed being looked after and shown around the place they have made their home. New Plymouth is a harbour town based at the bottom of a volcano, Mount Taranaki, which unfortunately during the entirety of our stay was hidden behind clouds! You can’t plan the weather! This photo of the harbour was taken at the top of a hill(?! – I’ve included a picture so you can decide for yourself what it is…), which Jack and I climbed to take in the view before heading down to the beach for a dip. I’m afraid this post isn’t very picture heavy, I’m trying to ease myself back into the swing of doing things (it took me a while to remember my password!) but hopefully I will be putting up some more posts soon of how we spent our time in New Zealand, so there are plenty more photos to come don’t worry!