Heading Down Under


Today is the day… We have been planning to make the trip to the other side of the world for a couple of years but first I had to finish my degree. My degree is now finished, we’ve saved money from working, quit our jobs, received our visas and packed our bags. Now at 2pm this afternoon we begin our journey to Australia, where we plan to travel as much as we can, whilst doing some work so we don’t use all our savings!

We are hoping to see as much of Australia as we can fit in and look forward to sharing our adventures with you on this blog. You will have to bear with us as we settle into a routine and get a blogging schedule sorted. This was just a quick hello before we leave, we have a mega 30 hours(!!) of travel ahead of us, which includes a hefty stopover at Abu Dhabi (hello duty free!). Next time we talk to you we will be in Sydney!! Catch ya later mate!