Skypoint Climb

Surfers Paradise is home to the Q1 building, “the world’s tallest residential tower” and we decided to climb it. As you may have noticed from some of my earlier posts, Jack loves any opportunity to leave the ground and climb to new heights, remember that tree climb? So we booked ourselves onto a morning climb. Unlike the tree climb, this one involved a harness to keep you connected to the building. We climbed from the observation deck, already 230m above the ground, to the Bird’s Nest up a specially built metal staircase on the outside of the building. The Bird’s Nest was the highest point in the Skypoint Climb and at 270m I was thankful for my harness! Safety procedures meant that you weren’t allowed your own cameras on the climb (its 14 years in prison if you drop anything off the edge!) and so all the photos in this post were taken by the climb team. More information about the climb can be found here on Skypoint’s website.


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