One Year Gone


One year ago today Jack and I boarded our flight to Australia and started our adventure. I remember feeling terrified about what I was about to undertake, leaving behind all the security my family, friends and the place I had grown up offered. One year later I find myself feeling nervous again but this time about leaving Australia. With our visa up Jack and I have sadly left Australia. I wish we had more time, one year was not enough and I can see myself returning to live the life down under sometime soon. Not ready to head straight home we have planned a few more adventures along our journey back to the U.K., beginning with a short trip to New Zealand’s north island to visit my aunt and uncle. There are still a few posts still to come on our last few months in Australia but I am nearly caught up now, (we slowed down after Christmas to try and earn a bit more money and get ourselves ready for the next trip) and so should be sharing new exciting things soon!

Quickly we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been following our journey through the blog. We really appreciate all the kind comments and feedback we have received from you all and look forward to continue to share what we are up to over the next year. C&J x


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