Jumping Crocs

Despite having seen giant salties (saltwater crocodiles) in Crocosaurus Cove we wanted to see them out in the wild. Along the Adelaide River, heading out of Darwin and towards Kakadu National Park is the Spectacular Jumping Croc River Cruise, a one hour boat cruise along the river where you can witness the crocs jumping out of the river to catch their food. We caught the last cruise of the day and travelled up the river in the late afternoon. We had managed to time our trip to coincide with low tide, meaning the mudbanks along the river’s edge from which the crocodiles launched themselves could be easily seen. At different points along the river the boat paused for hunks of meat to be hung over the edge to entice a saltie into jumping. In addition to feeding the crocs, our tour guides also fed the nearby birds of prey, who swooped down, catching chunks of meat mid-air before continuing on their flight.


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