Jack & The Cage of Death

Considering how small Darwin is for a city I hadn’t expected us to spend a great deal of time there but shortly after arriving in our hostel we decided to stay a little longer and explore the city. Imagine our surprise when we found Crocosaurus Cove in the city centre. Crocosaurus Cove offers the chance to get up close to some of the giant saltwater crocodiles it houses, using the “Cage of Death”. $250 allows you and a friend to climb into a clear tube and be lowered into the enclosure with the crocodile. Jack and Mike had been taken with the idea since we arrived in Darwin and so they both climbed in at the first opportunity. The experience gives you 15 minutes in the enclosure and allows you to witness a close up feeding of the crocodile. The guys both really enjoyed the time in the cage and said they felt perfectly safe despite an over five metre long croc being just inches away. Whilst in the cage, you do have the opportunity to have the park’s photographer take photos of your time in the cage but with one photo starting at $30 and the digital images at $100 we decided that I would do the photos for them both.


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