Rottnest Island

One of the main things I had been looking forward to doing on the West coast was taking the ferry to Rotto. Rottnest Island is home to the endangered Quokkas and since my sister posted me a link to people’s quokka selfies I had been dying to see one for myself. This little marsupial is the happiest looking creature ever. We hopped off the ferry and headed straight to the bike hire (there are no cars allowed on the ferry over) before pedalling to the nearest bay for a swim. During my time on Rotto I had one task I wanted to complete. To get a photo of a quokka wishing my sister a happy 21st birthday seeing as I couldn’t be with her on the actual day. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, the quokkas were generally more interested in finding any food you had hidden on yourself (or in Jack’s beard) but eventually I got one that I was happy with (which is at the bottom of the post) and the boys got several quokka selfies for themselves too.


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