Drive #4: The Whole Way Round


This blog is named Hitting the Road with Jack and right now it couldn’t be more fitting. When we left Melbourne we set off on a longer road trip than either of us had ever been on before. During my time in Melbourne I had drawn up a rough plan of where I wanted to visit and what I wanted to see during the rest of our time in Australia. Over the weeks the plan formed into three main parts; the whole of October would be dedicated to the West, November the North and December exploring the East Coast of Queensland. One huge road trip. The drive from Melbourne to Norseman at the end of the Nullarbor (the one road to the west) was 2,698.9km alone. Pretty much driving from London to Moscow. News of our plan spread through the house and we were quickly joined by Filip, who jumped in at Melbourne and Mike who we picked up in Perth after he returned from Asia. In order to fit everyone in and all our camping stuff we invested in a roof rack and storage boxes, before piling ourselves in with spare water and fuel. Above is the rough plan of the route we have taken and will continue to take as we make our way back round to Sydney.


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