The Great Alpine Road


Many people have heard of the Great Ocean Road road-trip (you can check out our trip here and here) but far less people opt to travel the inland version. The Great Alpine Road takes you through some of Victoria’s mountains, winding its way through the countryside before returning you to the coast. With our time in Melbourne coming to an end, I managed to score a full weekend off work (I had had one full weekend off in four months!) and we decided to go on a road trip to explore Victoria. After hearing our plan, the rest of the house joined us on our tour of the Great Alpine Road. We spent the nights camped out in the bush and the days driving through rural towns. It seemed weird that just a few hours from Melbourne we could find ourselves in the snow-capped mountains and if we drove a few hours further, we’d be back to sunning ourselves at the beaches of Lakes Entrance.

P.S. Apologies for the poor quality of the group photo, we took it on a phone rather than a camera. Pretty spur of the moment!


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