House Hunting


Our house sit in Melbourne is coming to an end and since we have now decided to stay in Melbourne to work, a new hunt begins… The hunt for somewhere to live. As the whole point of our working in Melbourne is to try and replenish our savings, so we can continue to travel Australia and beyond, we are looking to get a house or flat share. Whilst the idea of living in the city centre is definitely appealing, we are looking at suburbs that are a little further out but on a direct train line, to save on rent but still maintain the city access. All in all, May has been a month of hunting, with some interesting rooms and people seen. These are some photos from last weekend’s house hunting around West Footscray, just look at how thrilled Jack is. The search continues… I’m hoping that by June we will be settled but we’ll have to wait and see.



One thought on “House Hunting”

  1. Oh gosh, this post fills me with nerves! I’m moving to Melbourne in 6 weeks and have to start looking once I get there. Breathes deeply. Although your post also does make me excited too!!!! Good luck with the search 😀


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