Fave Aussie Food Finds


Since coming to Australia we have tried various new varieties of food, as I do not want to be limited to the British section in the world food aisle… Pot Noodle and Irn Bru anyone? Don’t worry there’s teacakes for dessert! Of the number of things we have tried I have put together five of the foods I keep buying again and again…


1. Dilmah Tea – this one is probably the most important find. Being a typical couple of Brits we drink plenty of tea and it took us sometime to find a brand that we liked and reminded us of home. We discovered this brand whilst we were house sitting in Adelaide and haven’t looked back. We opt for the extra strong teabags as we are very fond of a strong brew, builder’s tea so to speak.


2. Chicken Salt – a true Aussie find. Before arriving we had never heard or tried chicken salt and were warned of it’s addictive nature by Jack’s cousin. She was right. Since trying chicken salt on chips back in Sydney, thinking it would be a one-off, I now continually add it to chips and insisted on us buying our own to take on our travels.


3. TimTams – like a Penguin but in my opinion far more addictive. We seem to buy a value pack each week now. They have less biscuit than a Penguin and more of the chocolate filling. They also come in a variety of different flavours, which I am looking forward to working my way through.


4. Frozen Coke – Macca’s $1 frozen coke to be precise. Back during my time at uni I developed a bit of an addicition to Coca Cola, which became apparent when I gave it up for lent one year (I managed it but had some serious caffeine withdrawals/headaches for weeks). After the lent experiment I no longer drink it everyday like I used to but still like one every now and then. When we arrived at the end of the Australian summer nothing was more refreshing in the heat than a large frozen coke and at only a dollar (about 50p) you can’t really go wrong.


5. Lamingtons – ideally pink lamingtons. A lamington is a sponge (with or without cream filling) which is then dipped in chocolate or jelly for pink lamingtons, before being rolled in coconut. We were introduced to the pink lamington during our time in the Barossa Valley and they have proven rather hard to find since. I found this one in a shopping centre cafe but am yet to find one in Coles.



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