The Great Ocean Road Part I


From Warrnambool we were officially on the Great Ocean Road. The distance to travel to Melbourne isn’t huge but what takes the time is stopping to see all the sights that the road has to offer along the way. You can get very snap happy with all the rock formations and scenery as I did, so I have split my photos down the middle into two parts. Today is part one of the journey from Warrnambool to Port Campbell. This drive featured many scenic lookout points along the way that we stopped off to admire. As the road is so popular with many people stopping to look at the same formations, it doesn’t take long before you start to recognise each other at sights. Most of the sights are brief pauses along the way: you park up, take a walk along the coast, or down some steps to the beach (we did so many steps throughout the day!) take lots of touristy photos and then head off to the next sight. We saw plenty of amazing rock formations, one of my favourites on the way to Port Campbell was London Bridge; originally a double arch but one collapsed back in the 90s, leaving two tourists stranded on the remaining arch until rescued by helicopter.


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