A Full Refund

I am so pleased I am actually able to write this post, I didn’t think it would happen at one point. After five weeks of countless emails to the property owner, different customer support teams and the credit card company we have finally been fully refunded from our double booked accommodation in Sydney! As you can guess from it taking five weeks to process things haven’t been easy, we had our booking denied twice, were told to contact various different teams and re-explain the problem each time, before finally being told as we didn’t contact the claims team on the date of arrival we couldn’t be given a refund. Fortunately for us we had kept our booking confirmation and all our correspondence with all members of the team, meaning we were able to prove that we contacted customer support on the day we arrived to the double booked accommodation and requested a refund. The team then took two weeks to advise us to contact the claims team and did not inform us of a time constraint on the claim. This evidence along with our persistence to not let our money go ensured we received our refund. We learned that the property owner has since been removed from the booking site, after they received a similar complaint to ours not long after. This whole experience has definitely taught us to be extra cautious in the future, luckily we paid on credit card so the company was ready to step in and process the claim on our account if they had continued to refuse us the refund. For now we are aiming to get a lot of our accommodation through house sits or our tent and when I have been booking anywhere I’ve been going direct to the hotel’s website.


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