Drive #2: Canberra, ACT to Adelaide, SA


The next drive we are undertaking is a little longer. From Canberra we are heading to Adelaide, where we have an agreed house sit beginning on the 1st April. For our route we are following a pretty direct route along the Sturt Highway along the New South Wales border into South Australia. This route totals 1,159km and will take at least 12 hours to complete. We are not planning on completing this in a day, instead we are going to break it up along the way and camp out. As we are going to be on the move for a bit, I’m not sure how regular my posts will be next week. When we reach Adelaide we are hoping to do some camping until our house sit begins and so access to internet may or may not happen. But once our house sit begins hopefully things will go back to normal, at least until it is time for us to move on again.


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