Drive #1: Theresa Park, NSW to Canberra, ACT

On Monday we are heading out and beginning our drive around the South side of Australia. We’ve been in the Sydney basin for around five weeks now so it is definitely time for a change. The first leg of our journey is only a short one into the Australian Capital Territory to visit Canberra. The photo shows our planned route to Canberra for Monday morning. Totalling 246km it should take us 2 hours 40 minutes to complete. This drive will only be a short distance compared to what we have ahead but I’m excited to start out on the road. It will give us some time to try and identify what we can listen to on our longer journeys. Those of you who know Jack and I will know that we have rather different music tastes. He says my music will send him to sleep when driving and his music tends to put me on edge. Luckily there are a few bands we can both happily listen to but with the amount of driving ahead it would help to find some more!


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