The Holden Commodore


During our year long stay in Australia we are hoping to see as much of Australia as possible. With the money we had saved before we arrived we decided to purchase a car rather than pay daily rental rates. Since one of the routes we plan to undertake is the crossing of the Nullarbor Plain to reach Perth, a 2,692km (roughly 1,673 miles) trip from Adelaide, we opted for a car which could also double as a hotel room if needed… Our new Holden Commodore has enough room with the back seats down to fit a double air bed in. We were really lucky with the price and ended up buying this car after only one day of searching, Jack’s cousin helped us out, driving us to different car lots and haggling with all owners. With the car bought all that was left to do was get used to driving an auto, at home both of us have only ever owned manuals and for the first couple of trips both of us had frantic grabs for the imaginary gear stick! Since then we have taken it on a few road trips to ease us in and figure out if there is anything that needs to be looked at before we head off on a bigger journey. I will be sure to keep you updated with what trips we have planned and if anyone has any suggestions on which road trips to do while we are here or soundtracks please let us know!



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